1. Call for a Free Comprehensive Inspection of your home!

2. If sufficient damage is found we assist you in filing a proper claim with your Insurance Company! We attend the inspection and we negotiate the claim with your adjuster.

(If your claim is denied you can choose to request a 2nd adjustment which we also attend and rest assured we have great success in getting re-inspections approved! Anytime a claim is denied you may elect to have our Agreement declared null and void and you owe us nothing!)

Congratulations your claim is approved and now you select your shingle style and color and remember you are only responsible for your deductible and any upgrades!

Upon receipt of the first check (simply endorse it, don't deposit it) we will order materials and schedule your job. We will contact you a few days before and then the evening prior to scheduled day to confirm (weather permitting). You need to remove any fragile items on shelving etc to prevent damage. If you have items stored in your attic or garage you may want to cover them to protect them from falling debris. Your job should only take 1 day depending on the size as it is our goal to inconvenience you as little as possible.

3. Your job is complete and your Project Manager will stop by to confirm and have you sign the Notice of completion and invoice. Your insurance company will then release the balance of the estimate and simply notify your Project Manager and they will come by and pick up the check!

Simple 3 Step Process!